Fundraising Tactics Are Actually the
Easy Part

  • Before diving into tactics… There are 3 core elements you absolutely must get right first. Nail these, and every strategy becomes ten times more effective.

  • Facing limited resources? You’re not the only one. Uncover the mindset that’s holding you back and the clear formula that can unlock a world of fundraising abundance.

  • The board has a key role to play. I’ll show you how to get your board more engaged and involved in fundraising and between board meetings.
  • Rethinking partnerships… I’ll show you a new way to think about partnerships. Genuine partnerships are game changing and will redefine your fundraising game.
  • Unlocking your story’s potential… Your narrative has huge power, but it must be crafted carefully. Perfect yours, and you’ll see how much it captivates and drives real, tangible fundraising results.
  • The real reason so many nonprofit leaders dislike strategic planning. And how a change in perspective can completely energize your fundraising efforts.


  • Bonus 1: Your ‘Fix My Fundraising’ Resource Bundle: Loaded with practical tools directly related to our workshop topics. It’s designed to help you implement everything you learn, ensuring the insights stick and make a real difference.
  • Bonus 2: The ‘Thriving Nonprofit Assessment Tool’: A clear guide to gauge your nonprofit’s current standing. Identify strengths, uncover areas for growth, and chart a path toward a more impactful future.

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