Free Online Training • Multiple Times Available

Joan Garry – Author, Strategic Advisor, & Founder, Nonprofit Leadership Lab

It’s time to lead with more intention.

  • Learn 5 Practical and Actionable Steps to Help Weather the Next Storm: Employ these steps immediately to set your org up for a much stronger future.
  • The Key Attributes of Great Nonprofit Leaders: Plus learn the 3 qualities you should drop immediately (hint: they leave you feeling completely burned out and make things harder on your org).
  • How Your “Pleaser” Tendencies Can Backfire: And how to overcome it.
  • Yes, You Do Whatever It Takes: And why, even though your intentions are awesome, it’s unnecessary and actually harmful.
  • The One Fundamental Mistake Leaders Make: Nonprofit leaders mess this one up all the time (and it makes things SO much tougher than necessary).
  • How to Assess Your Progress: All attendees will receive a downloadable assessment they can use to evaluate how well their org is doing in 14 key areas.
  • Exercises for Your Board: If you stay until the end, you’ll get 5 exercises you can do with your board to help them tap into their creativity, talk up your org, build an effective donor stewardship program, and change their scarcity mindset to one of abundance.

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