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Introducing the

Nonprofit Leadership Lab

With nearly 5,000 active members, the Nonprofit Leadership Lab is the world’s most effective and supportive online membership program for leaders – board and staff – of smaller nonprofits.

With expert seminars, masterclasses, time-saving resources, live events, and the most generous and remarkable community anywhere, the Lab has everything small nonprofits need to thrive.

For Executive Directors

Who do whatever it takes for those they serve… sometimes even at the expense of their free time, relationships, and health.

For Board Leaders

Who care deeply for their causes and want to help their organizations become more sustainable for the long term.

For Startup Founders

Who have gotten their nonprofits off to a strong start and now need a clear path to growth and impact.

For Senior Staffers

Who play a key role in fundraising, programming, or operations and are eager to help their organization reach the next level.

How the Partner Program Works

As a partner, you will be given a special affiliate link. For each person who signs up for the Lab using your special link you will earn 25% of their payment in recurring revenue (monthly or annual).

Am I a good partner candidate?

If you have followers, viewers, listeners, or colleagues that include leaders of smaller nonprofits, you may be the ideal candidate to become a partner. 

These leaders could be on the staff or sit on a board of directors, or even part of a foundation or philanthropist who supports nonprofits. 

How much is my commission?

We currently charge our members $47 per month or $470 per year. You’ll make 25% of whatever you bring in. So that means for each member you bring into the Lab you’ll make $11.75 per month or $117.50 per year – and it will continue to pay out as long as they remain members.

You can see how this can really start to add up!

How will you help me promote the Lab?

We will provide you with a 30 second ad to play during your podcast episodes. This ad will promote your unique link. We make it as easy for you as possible!

We will also provide you the script should you wish to read the ad in your voice or promote it on other channels.

When and how will I get paid?

Your commission will be paid within 60 days of the end of each month via your Paypal account.

Will I be able to track my results?

Yes! You will get access to our dedicated Partner Portal where you will be able to see a list of all sales made through your unique link (which you will also find in your partner portal).

What's included in the Lab?

We teach our members how to bring in larger and more diverse funding streams through individual donor programs, grant writing, special events, corporate sponsorships, online fundraising, you name it. 

We also teach how to build the board of your dreams. After all, nonprofit leadership should be like a twin-engine jet with co-pilots — with the staff and board leaders working together closely and effectively.

Lab members also learn how to build what we like to call their ‘army of the engaged’. When you reach more people, when you fire them up about your organization’s mission, and invite them to join you in the work, well… that’s how you have an outsized impact that reaches well beyond the size of your organization.

So how does all of this work? Self-paced courses, expert seminars, downloadable templates and checklists, quick wins, live Q&As, bootcamps and more, all designed to help our members go deeper, save time, build confidence, and grow thriving organizations. Joan personally runs many of these trainings and live Q&A sessions. 

But we also bring in terrific outside experts on topics from volunteer management to program evaluation to storytelling to budgeting to self-care and a whole lot more.

While our members come for the training, our supportive and generous community  are the heart and soul of the Lab. We commune regularly in the Village, sharing with each other our successes, our challenges, and our moments of vulnerability. Our entire team participates daily in the Village, offering support, advice, and applause for a job well done. We remind each other that leading a nonprofit is both a joy and a privilege. That we’re not alone. And we do it with a big ol’ dose of humor.

Who can I ask if I have questions?

Please reach out with any questions to our Director of Partnerships, Cindy Pereira, at [email protected]

Where can I learn more about the Lab?

You can learn all about us at our website – https://nonprofitleadershiplab.com

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