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We believe that every nonprofit – regardless of size – needs access to world-class professional development, on-demand support, and a generous and helpful community of peers to celebrate you in good times and commiserate with you in challenging times.

Since 2017, the Lab has provided exactly that to more than 20,000 leaders of small and midsized organizations.

And we’re just getting started.

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How to Create a Reliable and Predictable Fundraising System

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Did my first direct ask from a donor and received a $30,000 donation thanks to Masterclass: The Perfect Fundraising Lunch (with Joan Garry)!

Priscilla Hardin McIntosh

CEO, The Morton Center


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The Nonprofit Success Path


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"Here is a reality... I joined seven different organizations to help me with this journey. I'm cancelling six of them. NLL and this group has been the best money I have spent. Thank you guys for your efforts." - J. Todd Watkins

For Leaders of Small and Medium Nonprofits

Executive Directors

You’ll do whatever it takes for those you serve, even if it means sacrificing your pay… your free time… your relationships… even your health.


You’ve gotten your nonprofit off to a good start but you know you could have a much bigger impact and would just love a clear path.

Board Leaders

You care deeply about your cause and passionately want to help your organization become sustainable for the long haul.

Senior Staffers

You’re concerned that your organization might not be focused on what will get you to the next level.

“Nonprofit leaders weren’t getting enough help. At least not affordable help.”

Hi, I’m Joan Garry

I’m the founder of the Nonprofit Leadership Lab. I’ve been an Executive Director and a board leader.

So I’ve stood in your shoes.

I know the work is energizing and important. It should feel like a joy and a privilege.

But I also know that it’s the hardest work there is. That many days you feel like you’re running on fumes. That these jobs can be lonely.

Well you are no longer alone.

We help you. We celebrate you. We care deeply.

We created the Nonprofit Leadership Lab for you. Here in the Lab you’ll find…

A supportive and inspirational community of kind, generous kindred spirits…

Training and resources that will immediately up your leadership game and take your org to a new level…
The support and guidance you need to help your nonprofit truly thrive, even in challenging times…

Our Members Are Superheroes!

Come Join Us!

The Lab is a safe and private space online where board and staff members are trained and supported by diverse experts and professionals committed to their success; and surrounded by an empathetic network of more than 6,000 fellow nonprofit superheroes (people like you) from dozens of different nonprofit sectors and from various locations throughout the world.

The Nonprofit Leadership Lab is a supportive, collaborative, affirmative and resourceful space that will assist in your personal and organizational development. There is a plethora of resources and a community of people ready and willing to offer guidance and advice as you face challenges, celebrate with you on your wins, and inspire you to do the work of fulfilling the mission of your organization.

Jennifer Fowler

Executive Director, Project C.L.O.U.D.S.

There’s so much wisdom right there at your fingertips. You can post a question and within minutes other Lab members chime in with their knowledge. I know I have avoided some major mistakes being a first time Executive Director because I am part of this Lab. I feel like I have a personal mentor right by my side, teaching me the tricks of the trade. The classes in the Lab have been a game changer.
Adrien Stinnett

Executive Director, J 127 Ministry

What You Get Inside the Lab

The Nonprofit Leadership Lab is the world’s most effective and supportive online program designed specifically to support board and staff leaders of small and mid-sized nonprofits.


As a member, you’ll gain complete access to:

Monthly Workshops and Bootcamps: Covering essential topics like grant writing, fundraising strategies, online marketing, strategic planning, board governance, and more…
Comprehensive Resource Library: Includes recorded masterclasses, expert seminars, Q&A sessions, downloadable templates, checklists, and other time-saving resources.
The MOST Generous Community: Connect with a network of nonprofit leaders for invaluable support and networking opportunities.
The Nonprofit Success Path: Assess exactly where your organization is on the path to thriving. Based on your assessment, we present the specific training and resources you need to take the next step.
Support On Demand: Get timely advice and answers from our team of experts and fellow members whenever you need it.

And More: Monitor your growth and track your achievements, access exclusive discounts and offers, implement a quick win, get book recommendations, access our job board…

Monthly Workshops & Boot Camps

Every single month, Lab members have the opportunity to go deeper and accomplish more in a shorter time period than they might have thought possible.

Workshops run for a week and are designed to help you solve a super specific and critical challenge at your nonprofit. Boot camps are expert-guided intensives lasting approximately eight weeks and include pep talks, weekly homework, watch parties, live feedback sessions, and private small group activities.

Board Workshop

"Recruit a 5-Star Board" Workshop

  • Customize Your Board
  • Engage Prospects
  • Convince the Right People
  • Set Them Up For Success
  • Move Out “Bad Apples”
Story Workshop

"Get More From Funders" Workshop

  • Paint a Picture
  • Develop Your Story
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Navigating a Funder Meeting
  • Building Confidence
SWOT Workshop

"Drive Your Mission" Workshop

  • Basics of SWOT Analysis
  • Analyze Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Explore Opportunities
  • Mitigate Threats
  • Craft a Strategic Plan
Grant Writing Boot Camp

Grant Writing Boot Camp

  • Logic Modeling
  • Grant Writing Overview
  • Proposal Summaries
  • Writing Letters of Intent
  • Funding Research/Tracking

“A lot more grants started coming in after I had our program manager participate in Lindsay’s grant writing bootcamp… We have tripled our budget since I started the lab and went from less than 3 months reserves to a year of reserves! YOU and the village have been a HUGE part of that success!”

Arissa Gabe Palmer

Executive Director, BreastfeedLA

Comprehensive Resource Library

Lab members receive outstanding training and time-saving resources from our team, including more than 40 experts in fields like fundraising, board development, marketing, team building, leadership, finance, and more.

Raise More Money

Gain capacity and financial stability from a more diverse pool of funds.

Build a 5-Star Board

Engaged, effective, and fully understanding their roles and responsibilities.

Attract More Supporters

Grow your pool of donors, volunteers, and others who will help spread your mission.

Become a Workplace of Choice

Grow and lead an amazing and inspired staff that works hand-in-hand with the board.

Grow As a Leader

Learn the key attributes of great leadership and how to create a smart strategic plan.

Live a More Balanced Life

Learn how to stop feeling compelled to do whatever it takes ALL. THE. TIME.

I was looking for mentorship and to learn from other leaders. I, myself, did not ‘grow up’ in the nonprofit arena. One of the best results I’ve gotten [from the Lab] is I’ve gone from a board of four members to a board of twelve, fully engaged. Our work has gone off the charts!

Aaron Saenz

President, San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center

Valerie Anderson
I came across the Nonprofit Leadership Lab and jumped at the opportunity. Smartest thing I ever did. Read through the resources, listened to the Q&A live sessions, asked questions, learned how to build a board, how to fundraise. I actually serve on seven nonprofit boards. Oh, it’s a whole new ballgame and I’m so grateful for what I discovered in the Leadership Lab.
Barbara Ingraham

Board Leader, The Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse

The MOST Generous Community

When you join the Lab, you enter a community of thousands of your nonprofit peers. Like-minded superheroes who lean on and support each other.

The importance of being able to network with a truly diverse community of peers available to you 24/7 cannot be overstated, especially now that so many are working remotely.

The Nonprofit Success Path

The Nonprofit Success Path offers a personalized approach to your development as a leader and the growth of your organization. By assessing your current status, it identifies the most relevant training and resources you need, helping to bring clarity and reduce overwhelm. This ensures that you receive targeted support that accelerates your progress and maximizes your impact.

nonprofit success path
Driver path

Support On Demand

Our support on demand ensures you have access to expert guidance whenever you need it. The Lab Bot is available 24/7 to provide instant answers to your questions. The Village, our generous community of nonprofit leaders, offers invaluable support and networking opportunities. Submit your questions for live Q&A sessions or book an action plan call to help identify your next steps.

With these resources at your fingertips, you’ll never feel stuck or alone in your journey.

support on demand

Still Have Questions?

Who is the Lab for? Is it just for Executive Directors?

The Lab is absolutely perfect for all leaders of smaller nonprofits:

  • Executive Directors
  • Founders
  • Senior staff who report to the E.D.
  • Board chairs
  • Board committee leaders

Why the focus on smaller nonprofits?

Perhaps one of these situations sounds familiar?

  • An Executive Director who can’t possibly take a vacation – ever – because if she missed a week all the work would literally stop.
  • A sole staff member that could have oh-so-much more impact if only there was remotely adequate funding.
  • A board chair who often bickers with the Executive Director and is frustrated that board members don’t raise nearly enough money.

Nonprofits are messy. They’re hardwired that way.

There’s rarely enough money, too many cooks, and an abundance of passion. Messy.

As the leader of a nonprofit – especially a smaller one – this messiness makes you feel exhausted and overwhelmed a lot of the time. You’re being pulled in a million directions and sometimes you feel all alone.

Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a board with deep pockets? A large staff? A brand everyone has heard of?

Sure. Big nonprofits have some nice advantages. Though many of these challenges can happen at big nonprofits too.

In many ways smaller nonprofits have it tougher.

Why? Because larger, well-funded nonprofits have the capacity to get outside help. They can hire consultants, fundraising experts, have their board get expensive ongoing training, spend for professional development opportunities or expensive donor software.

That’s a big advantage.

But at a smaller nonprofit like yours? Not a chance.

It’s a big problem. And one we aim to fix.

Is the Lab good for people who haven't started their nonprofit yet?

While our focus is on helping existing small nonprofits thrive, there are certainly members of the Lab who joined so they can get their nonprofits started the right way, right off the bat.

Do most members pay themselves, or do their orgs pay the membership fee?

It really is a split. Many Lab members do pay for this out of pocket. Many others have their organizations pay for the Lab out of a professional development budget.

Can members switch between payment plans?

Members can switch from monthly to annual plans at any time. The transition is facilitated with a prorated price adjustment, reflecting any payments already made in the current cycle, ensuring a seamless and fair changeover to the annual plan. This flexibility allows organizations to choose the payment schedule that best fits their budgeting and resource planning needs at any point.

Transitioning from annual to monthly isn’t standard but can be discussed with our support team to accommodate specific needs.

What differentiates an Organizational Membership from an Individual Membership?

Organizational Memberships provide access to the Lab’s resources for multiple team members, enhancing collaborative learning and strategic alignment across your organization. They offer broader benefits like team-focused workshops, greater cost savings, and centralized support.

Can I really cancel any time I want?


Monthly members pay for the Lab just one month at a time and can cancel any time you want. If you sign up for an annual plan, you can cancel any time during the year with no further payments (though you’ll remain a member for the year you already paid for).

Once you cancel your account you will retain access to the Lab until your current monthly or annual subscription period ends. You can, of course, rejoin during any future open registration period at whatever the current price is at that time.

Will you ever increase the price?

As long as you keep your membership active, you’ll keep your current price. Even when new members come in and pay more, you’ll get to keep your lower price.

Can I share my membership with someone else in my organization?

Since our goal is to help you build a thriving nonprofit, clearly you need to be able to share some of the material to do that.

For example, if there is a template or checklist or something like that and you want to copy it and use it internally with other folks at your organization, that’s expected and entirely fine.

Our policy is one account = one person. So, while you’re welcome to bring people in to watch a video course together, we do ask that you not share your login. If you have an Organizational Membership, up to 4 people in your organization will have individual accounts.

Additionally, only account holders get access to the Village.

I'm busy! How often is new content released?

Roughly once per week and our goal is to keep it easy and non-stressful to consume.

Time is the most valuable resource we have. So we can understand why you might be wondering if you have enough time to fully participate in the Nonprofit Leadership Lab and get everything you possibly can out of it.

The good news is that once you join, the Lab is available 24/7. So you can learn when it’s most convenient for you. If something comes up and you miss a few days or even a couple of weeks, it’s not a problem. You just pick up where you left off.

How much time it will take to go through the materials depends on you. Many weeks you should be able to get through the material in 30 minutes or less. That’s it. The key is to intentionally schedule some time on your calendar specifically for your personal leadership growth.

And, of course, you’ll definitely want to spend time with the community.

We know how busy you are!