Here are the typical characteristics of an improving board.

Board Structure

  • May have term limits, but often they’re unenforced
  • The founder runs the show
  • May not have large enough board
  • Committees exist in name only

Board Meetings

  • Pre-meeting materials tend to come late
  • They also tend to be overwhelming or unclear
  • Not super organized or engaging 
  • Too many members miss them

Makeup and Recruitment

  • Members come from founder’s or board members’ network
  • General lack of diversity of skills
  • Not entirely representative of the community
  • New members sometimes feel lost, even after onboarding

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Occasional confusion around who is responsible for what
  • The board sometimes fundraises but it can feel like pulling teeth

Co-pilot Relationship

  • Board chair and ED are often not on the same page
  • Lack of clarity about roles between the board and staff that breeds distrust


  • No formal annual review of the ED
  • Board members are never assessed

How can you get to the next stage… HEALTHY?

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