Here are the typical characteristics of a messy board.

Board Structure

  • No or unenforced term limits
  • The founder is also the Executive Director AND board chair
  • Fewer than 5 or more than 25 members

Board Meetings

  • Materials are rarely sent out in advance
  • And nobody reads them when they are
  • Disorganized and unengaging
  • Often unattended
  • Happen too often or too infrequently

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Lack of clarity around who is responsible for what
  • The board refuses to fundraise
  • No active and productive committees

Makeup and Recruitment

  • Members are friends of the founder
  • Lack of diversity of skills
  • Not representative of the community
  • No process for onboarding new members

Co-pilot Relationship

  • Board chair and ED do not cooperate
  • Or they are the same person
  • Mutual distrust and blame between board and staff


  • No formal annual review of the ED
  • Board members are never assessed

How can you get to the next stage… IMPROVING?

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